Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The (Mis)Education of John Edwards

John Edward’s consecutive primary losses ended his five year bid for president. His “two America” campaign theme and populist approach did not resonate well with democratic voters. After seven years of gross mismanagement and disastrous neo-con policies, democrats hunger for change, competency and unity. While Obama represents freshness and change, Clinton’s experience and policy prowess reassures weary working class voters. Democrats seemed to move beyond the "have and have-not" argument in this election. Pressing challenges such as the Iraq war, home foreclosures, rising healthcare and educational costs, and economic downturn unite people. When facing a real or potential crisis, there is only one America.

Edwards’ campaign should have focused on unity – the need to bridge the gaps between the rich and poor, the old and young, the educated and less educated, women and men, straights and gays, and blacks, whites and browns. Democrats probably would have responded positively given the divisive racial and gender rhetoric in the early primaries. Edwards’ two America message was equally divisive and thus, failed to be a credible alternative to Obama and Clinton. Edwards, 53, is a young and promising leader. Perhaps he should return to his roots in NC, run for governor, and return in 2012 or 2016.


Anonymous said...

Very valid points.

But I don't think he should run for executive office in the future. Though it is said that the third time's the charm, he would be more effective catering to a more regional constituency.

Vigilante said...

I think Edwards needs a fork in him, because he's done. Maybe a shot at Attorney General. But I'm betting he'll return to practice as a trial lawyer. Too bad. He's brilliant and charismatic. He just did not have enough of a brain trust behind him to refine his message in a strategic direction. A moral crusade for the voiceless will not take you very far if the voiceless don't register to vote.